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hey! My name is Kyle Cook. Recently me and my girlfriend Stephanie have had to be parted while she's working in Austria, and Me here in New york city. We thought it would be fun to keep a blog of the different meals we make since when we are together our lives are heavily influenced by cooking. Steffi is going pescaterian and gluten free right now. So she should be posting some really cool stuff. We will be posting various different recipes we have done on our own or together, as well and restaurants we have tried. This is the closest we can get to cooking together and keep that part of us alive and well. Hope you enjoy it. - k+s

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kale Cooked Right

I think there's still many people who don't know what Kale is or haven't tried it. I think the only reason I know about it is because of vegetarian friends. It has so many uses which is amazing for it being a leafy green packed full of nutrients. I think the first time I had Kale was on my Cave trip in West Virginia for Ryan Mcginley. I think we ate vegan that entire week and it was really awesome. But when we would get home from shooting he'd always bring out this pot of steaming hot water in a kettle full of kale leaves. So it was just boiled Kale turned tea. He told me it was really good for me and I feel like it made me feel better. But another cool thing you can do with Kale is make chips with a dehydrator or just your oven but then your gas bill is gonna cost as much as the dehydrator.

I have bene really slacking on my cooking lately. Pizza haas become a huge portion of my diet. Sometimes I'll seriously eat slices three times a day. But this recipe was real quick and easy. This was the first time I soaked beans and then cooked them rather than using canned beans. Apparently for the recipe it was important so they would brown up nicely. But I think the beans were too dry after I cooked them. The Kale itself came out amazing. I got the recipe off this girls website called 101 cookbooks which is all vegetarian / mostly gluten free recipes.  http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/panfried-corona-beans-kale-recipe.html

I skipped the use of walnuts. But I think next time I would rather just cooke some black beans and tomatoes and onions separately or use drained canned white beans. Or just use the Kale part of the recipe because it is seasoned perfectly, and use it as a side dish to another meal. 

But I haven't met someone who has tried Kale at least properly cooked Kale and disliked it. 

Soon I'm going to do a sort of retrospective on my trip to Austria this summer! 
Stay healthy.

- k