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hey! My name is Kyle Cook. Recently me and my girlfriend Stephanie have had to be parted while she's working in Austria, and Me here in New york city. We thought it would be fun to keep a blog of the different meals we make since when we are together our lives are heavily influenced by cooking. Steffi is going pescaterian and gluten free right now. So she should be posting some really cool stuff. We will be posting various different recipes we have done on our own or together, as well and restaurants we have tried. This is the closest we can get to cooking together and keep that part of us alive and well. Hope you enjoy it. - k+s

Monday, November 22, 2010

Risotto Recklessness

So I made risotto the other night, and it was amazing. But it took me forever. By the time it was ready to eat I wasn't hungry anymore....

I don't have any photos of it but it tasted really amazing it it's one of those things that is just beyond heavy. The recipe was really simple!

So I used Ariboro Rice which I got from whole foods.

So the Recipe is as follows:

1 small yellow onion, chopped finely with 2-3 finely chopped cloves of garlic

1 quater stick of butter

handful of dandelion greens, arugula, and or spinach just not to much greens. I like a mix.

1 cup white wine ( the liquids are really important and important to be exact with risottos  because that's what makes them creamy and moist)

5 cups of chicken broth you could use veggie broth too i suppose

2 hot italian sausage links loosely torn apart out of their casings

2 cups of rice

So boil some water, and then throw the greens into it for only a minute, then drain them and let sit in a cool place.

Then melt your butter and saute your onions and garlic in it until translucent. Basically for 5 minutes. Then through in the broken up sausage pieces, and mix it cook it for another 3 minutes. Now comes your rice. Throw the two cups of dry rice into the pan or pot, use a pan or pot with a lot of surface area but somewhat deep so rice doesn't go flying.

I quickly added the one cup of white wine to moisten up the mixture. stir it in and let it reduce so there is no more liquid and is soaked up entirely by the rice. At this point you can start adding some salt and pepper to taste, and your first full cup of broth. Once again stir the broth into the mixture and let it absorb completely. So now you have 4 cups of broth left to cook into your mixture. But they have to be added by 1/2 cups and let full absorb into the rice stirring and mixing. This requires pretty constant attention. Once your near completion go back and grab your greens and through them in mix it around and finish your broth. Once all the broth is gone your ready to serve! Enjoy!

Don't slip into a food coma.

This makes enough to feed like ten people too it's kind of crazy.

Cook on!!!!

- k