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hey! My name is Kyle Cook. Recently me and my girlfriend Stephanie have had to be parted while she's working in Austria, and Me here in New york city. We thought it would be fun to keep a blog of the different meals we make since when we are together our lives are heavily influenced by cooking. Steffi is going pescaterian and gluten free right now. So she should be posting some really cool stuff. We will be posting various different recipes we have done on our own or together, as well and restaurants we have tried. This is the closest we can get to cooking together and keep that part of us alive and well. Hope you enjoy it. - k+s

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finally Fall

Finally last night it was cold out, 55 degrees. Flannels and hoodies. And today actually feels like the first crisp fall day. This always happens like on or the days shortly following my birthday. I don't have any new dishes here yet, because since Steffi left i have basically been living on chinese food, chipotle, and dollar slice pizza with a couple of cans of soup in there.

Except every morning I get an iced coffee but that might have to either stop or change. I don't even have to order anymore, it's kind of awesome when you go to a place enough that they just get you what you want when they see you. The other night too, a very late night, I took a cab back to my apt but I stopped for a deli sandwich around 5 am, and wow it was one of the best.

I now live in Greenpoint and there's all these secret little places and places you just wouldn't think of going into but turn out to be amazing and cheap. So I stopped in the deli and I got a turkey, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, bacon and some oil and vinegar, with two bags of chips, all for 5 dollars flat. The chips were a dollar too. So I got this gigantic sandwich which was beyond filling for only four dollars. I make sure to take a photo next time. Anyway enough of my raving about late night adventures.

Here's a photo of a breakfast that me and Steffi used to make on our first trip out to wyoming. Which was in the spring but this could be made really any time of the year. It might not be exactly the same but similar. Everything in the photo really speaks for itself and it's super simple to make!

Soon some homemade pumpkin bread, and baked apples in the fall traditions.

- k

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sauteed Pumpkin-Zucchini, served with Quinoa

So I moved back to Vienna two weeks ago. It's been really crazy since I got back. Moving into my new place, meeting with friends I haven't seen in some time, and taking care of my mother, who is not well at the moment. Work starts for me next week, so it will get even more crazy then! Like I said, my mom has not been doing so well lately either, so I have had my hands full taking care of her. Cooking and eating is a great way to make someone feel better, especially when you are eating healthy! We made a meal together yesterday that both of us enjoyed allot, I thought I would share it with you.