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hey! My name is Kyle Cook. Recently me and my girlfriend Stephanie have had to be parted while she's working in Austria, and Me here in New york city. We thought it would be fun to keep a blog of the different meals we make since when we are together our lives are heavily influenced by cooking. Steffi is going pescaterian and gluten free right now. So she should be posting some really cool stuff. We will be posting various different recipes we have done on our own or together, as well and restaurants we have tried. This is the closest we can get to cooking together and keep that part of us alive and well. Hope you enjoy it. - k+s

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving! America!

Sorry it's been so long. But Things have been a little crazy lately. I have some thanksgiving photos to put up. I think my mother is seriously the queen of holidays. I've never missed a holiday with my mother because I can't have it any other way. Anyway She's the type of Woman who doesn't measure anything she just knows. She makes so many delicious deserts too and all practically from memory. So Enjoy!

My Mothe has had this crazy cheesecake recipe passed down for years and years. She's really amazing at it and she even makes variations like key lime and pumpkin chocolate cheesecakes. When she puts it in the oven she doesn't let anyone in the kitchen because she thinks that vibrations of someone walking around it while it's baking will make it split down the middle and not look as pretty. This time it came out perfect. 

We have a bunch of family over for the holiday now so we have to make a lot of food, not that me and my brothers wouldn't totally destroy two turkeys. But we had two 20-something pound turkeys and a bunch of lamb shanks. So amazing!

Dad Carving Turkeys.


Feast for the Eat Beast!

Cranberries with orange marmalade and roasted walnuts and sugar!

My mother calls these Christmas Carrots and it's a boiled carrot with breadcrumbs paprika, and a horseradish sauce. It took me a couple years growing up to like them but now I can't get enough. 

These are potato halves mixed with cheddar cheese and butter and paprika and then stuffed back into the skins and baked. Then some fresh melted butter & paprika again on top while serving. Almost everything we eat on Thanksgiving and Christmas has been made the exact same way for my entire life or the last 23 years. And I still love it. My mother has so much preparation to do that she starts cooking things and freezing them weeks in advance. 

This was plate Number 1 for me

My mother and her brother!

My two brothers. on the left.

The Most American thing and I can't get enough of it. Apple pie. Never tasted one as good as my mom's. But who doesn't say that. But well this is true. Try it. 

And if we couldn't have enough decadence Mother made us Pumpkin Pancakes the next morning with melted browned butter. Toasted pecans and brown sugar and syrup. It was absolutely amazing. She's a hell of a woman, and this is for her. Keep it up! Se's responsible for all of the amazing memories that not only I have but that everyone in my family has. Because she loves to give, and no one can do it like her.



Daddy CAt was there too...Not psyched 

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